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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Solutions Synchronized with Back-end Systems

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Infusion replaces legacy Customer Relationship Management systems with solutions that employ Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Infusion developers demonstrate how CRM 2011 provides many benefits over CRM 4.0 by implementing features such as role-based forms, solution management, item pinning, and more.

The CRM 2011 application can be extended to reach into the back-end system, allowing for the adding, updating, and deletion of records as users perform tasks within CRM. This ensures both the CRM implementation and the back-end systems are perpetually synchronized.

In addition, Infusion’s User Experience (UX) Designers create Silverlight controls to further enrich user interactions with the system. This includes simple and intuitive controls for:

- Collecting new account and subscription information in a wizard.
- Searching global accounts with in-line subscription results.
- Displaying account and subscription topologies in a hierarchical tree view.
- Presenting complex contract information per subscription that's contained in the back-end system and visible through Dynamics CRM.

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