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Issues Management: Providing consistency, security and efficiency for the handling of sensitive government issues.

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NetDexterity is focused on the design and execution of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions on the Microsoft platform. The company delivered the Issues Management solution for the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. Issues Management is a secure collaboration, document management and workflow solution used for managing sensitive information from the operational level to the highest levels of government. The solution provides a number of key benefits to government:
• Greater transparency and consistency to a complex process
• Increased level of security on all sensitive documents
• Standardized business logic and improved information capture
• Enhanced security through PKI authentication
• Improved auditability through version control and document history
• Infrastructure foundation that can be leveraged for future projects

Each year, around 400 highly sensitive issues are identified in this government organization's environment, each requiring the formation of a team charged with managing and reporting on its resolution. Issues Management replaces the teams’ word documents, exchange folders, email and network drives with:
• a portal environment for organizing and collaborating on issues
• the infrastructure to provide enhance security and access
• intelligent forms to enforce business logic and improve submissions
• automated business processes to ensure the effective management of issues
• full content indexing to provide robust searching for all users
• knowledge base support through a repository of completed projects used as reference material

NetDexterity is made up entirely of senior business consultants and IT developers. We are unique in that we understand and execute on the entire BPM solution set, from workflow and content management to application integration and business intelligence. We implement solutions using a rapid, iterative approach to provide real significant benefits. Contact us to learn how we can transform your business processes.

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