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Paradigm Network Solutions Inc.

Application Hosting for Small to Medium Sized Businesses in the Toronto Area

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Apps on Tap is an “application hosting” company that offers growing businesses access to their applications over the Internet.

Designed with the small/medium sized business in mind, Apps on Tap provides a number of benefits to companies with limited budgets for information technology.

What are the benefits?

Affordability-One monthly fee covers all your hardware, software and support costs. Budgets for IT can now be accurately forecast based on the number of users.

Mobility-You can access your applications anytime, anywhere with simply an Internet connection and a web browser.

Reliability-Knowing your data is sitting behind a firewall, backed up; virus checked and encrypted gives you the piece of mind to conduct business without worrying about down-time.

What’s included?

Infrastructure-Economies of scale, allow us to offer you more for your money. Server farms running behind firewalls with redundant access to the Internet keep you on the leading edge of technology with the costs spread across our customer base.

Software licensing-Your applications will be installed on our servers and available only to you. Save yourself the hassle of remembering to purchase new licenses and also benefit with lower pricing when your licensing requirements are reduced. We will make sure you are legally licensed based on the applications you use.

IT support-Economies of skill, means you pay less for your technical support. On-site technical staff monitors the performance of all servers and software.

Backups-Daily backups and off-site storage guarantee your data is safe.

How do I pay?

You will be charged a flat monthly fee based on the services and applications you require. You are responsible for the client devices and the Internet access from your location. The rest is left up to us.

How much?

Pricing is determined by the applications you use, the storage you require and the services you ask for. Call today for a quote from one of our Apps on Tap representatives.

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