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Compugen Inc.

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Pathways to Microsoft Licensing and Software Asset Management

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  • Service Type:

    Licensing Sales and Service
  • Business Need:

    Compliance, Software Licensing
  • Works With:

    Microsoft Systems Management Server, All Versions
  • Industry Focus:

    General - Applicable to All

Compugen, one of the largest Large Account Resellers and Enterprise Services Advisors for Microsoft software agreements in Canada, manages hundreds of Microsoft Select Agreements and dozens of Enterprise Agreements for Microsoft customers across the country. We can use our thorough working knowledge of these contracts to help you take a proactive and informed approach to your software licensing strategy.

Our dedicated team of Microsoft software sales specialists, certified in Software License Delivery and Software Asset Management, provides excellent day-to-day support and consulting for licensing agreements. They are a rich source of knowledge and expertise to ‘right fit’ your software license requirements, saving you money and improving the return on your Microsoft software investment.

Our Pathways to Software Freedom offering can help your organization through activities such as:

• Assessments – to identify/clarify requirements, compliancy & risk
• Consulting – to help you choose the right licensing agreement & pricing options
• Vendor Consultation/Negotiation – to eliminate overbuying, optimize license fees, reduce administrative effort
• Online Purchase History – to provide you a consolidated view of all software purchases
• Renewals Management – to conduct regular license true-ups to ensure continued license compliance
• Software Asset Management – to ensure the use of your Microsoft software is optimized over its entire lifecycle
• Benefits Management – to help you take advantage of Microsoft Software Assurance benefits such as free training, consulting, promotions and other entitlements
• Technology Briefing Sessions – to keep your organization up to date on the latest in software products and licensing
• Workshops – to give you hands-on trial experience to see how the latest Microsoft software can benefit your business

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