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Compugen Inc.

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Pathways to Productivity

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In the new world of work, business is always open, and the pervasive use of information networks allows teams of workers to collaborate quickly and easily within and across organizations – and across time zones. However, bridging the gap between the deluge of information available to today’s organizations and decisive and timely business action has become essential to winning in this new world.

Compugen and Microsoft are helping organizations empower information workers through the use of an industry-leading technology platform that includes powerful yet familiar tools for finding, using and sharing information easily and securely. Along with new Unified Communications capabilities, these tools enable workers to be more productive and collaborate more effectively, while helping their organizations make better decisions and achieve greater business success.

Compugen’s Pathways to Information Worker Productivity solution provides a structured framework for the effective implementation, integration and optimization of Microsoft find-use-share solutions for: enterprise search, business intelligence, enterprise content management, unified communications and collaboration.

Compugen’s technology experts not only understand the nuances of Microsoft productivity tools but we also recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach rarely provides business value. Our team of professionals has a proven track record of designing and deploying tailored solutions that integrate with existing environments and allow organizations of all sizes to enhance their business interactions.

Our Microsoft productivity offerings include:
• Workshops and Assessments
• Design and Roadmapping
• Deployment and Integration
• Optimization
• Management and Support
• Training and Mentoring

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