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ProServeIT Corporation

ProServeIT IT Roadmap

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Every business needs to periodically ask itself whether its IT technology aligns to its business direction. Technology is not just a tool but a business enabler, allowing companies to become more efficient, keep costs to a minimum and drive new sales of product and/or services. It makes good business sense to have an experienced third-party conduct an unbiased technology review at key intervals to ensure that IT meets the needs of your business.

ProServeIT can create a custom IT Roadmap for your business, and show you how to align your technology investment with your business strategies.

• Focuses on executive and board-level concerns to ensure that your organization’s technology direction is effectively addressing your corporate strategies and concerns.
• Examination of every element that affects your IT investment (i.e. disaster recovery and business continuity, security, suitability of core business applications, IT expense versus business needs, and an IT staff review).
• Recommendations are made by balancing industry best practices against your business position.

Target Organizations:
Small to large corporations that desire to have their IT infrastructures examined to determine if they are adequately supporting the business goals of the company.

• A comprehensive IT Roadmap document is provided, prioritized on the actions that are recommended as “Must Do”, “Should Do” and “Could Do”.
• Additional documentation is provided that includes a comprehensive summary of all interviews, reviews of each question asked during the interviews and a list of the major points of view or themes.

Varies according to the size of the company and its IT infrastructure.

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