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ProServeIT Lync Healthcheck

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With the evolution of office communications from email to instant messaging, the need for a reliable real-time person-to-person and conferencing system has never been more important. Microsoft Lync 2013 helps you access the right people and information at the right time to make better decisions and get the job done.

However implementing Lync is just the first step in keeping your business ahead of the pack. For peak efficiency and productivity, it’s important that Lync be reviewed periodically to ensure it is running without issues and is also
meeting all of your business requirements.

ProServeIT can help ensure that you are getting the most value from your Microsoft Lync solution by performing a Lync Healthcheck. The Lync Healthcheck examines the business and technical reasons for Lync’s initial installation, reviews what Lync services are currently in place and evaluates if it meets your
current business needs.

• Performance of a gap analysis to determine if Lync, as it is currently configured, continues to meet your business needs.
• Increase user productivity by identifying areas where Lync services can be enhanced to allow for easier and faster business communications.
• Determine if additional Lync services could be of benefit to your users to help them achieve their work goals and drive your business forward.

Target Organizations:
Small to medium corporations that wish to determine if their Microsoft Lync solution is operating in an efficient manner and meets the goals and requirements of the business. Corporations may also wish to find ways
to better leverage Lync to increase user productivity and the flexibility to make user connections from anywhere via mobile devices.

• A check of how well your Lync system is performing technically and recommendations for improvements in functionality and/or usage.
• An examination of how your business goals and requirements are mapped to Lync and recommendations for improvement.
• A comprehensive Lync Roadmap document is provided, prioritized on the actions that are recommended as “Must Do”, “Should Do” and “Could Do”.

Varies according to the size of the company and its business goals and requirements.

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