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ProServeIT Corporation

ProServeIT Managed Services

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    Consulting, Professional Service
  • Business Need:

    Hosting Services, IT Outsourcing, E-mail Hosting and Management, PC Management
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    Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2013, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Solutions for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration, SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition... (more)
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    General - Applicable to All

Not every business has the manpower or the need to manage its own corporate IT infrastructure. Many small to mid-size companies would rather focus on their core products and services and delegate the task of managing their IT to a third-party.

ProServeIT is an experienced specialist in IT infrastructure managed services and can offer you high value and cost effective IT management. An experienced team of service desk professionals will provide workday monitoring and management of your complete IT infrastructure. Overnight monitoring of server backups ensures data preservation. On site break / fix services, virus penetration response, and all system upgrading is included in this comprehensive single-price solution.

• Receive maximum IT infrastructure uptime, up to 24/7/365 if desired.
• Fixed pricing supports accurate IT budgeting to keep your costs predictable.
• Your IT infrastructure will remain current with regularly scheduled software maintenance.
• All management can be done remotely, on premises or a mixture of the two.

Target Organizations:
Small to medium companies (generally under 50 staff) that desire to offload the daily management of their IT infrastructure to a proficient third-party management organization.

• Review and upgrade the current infrastructure to the tier one solution.
• An onboarding process to facilitate the new monitoring and management solution.
• Ongoing real-time monitoring and alerts for any unusual activity or exceeding defined service thresholds.
• Optional hosting of your server(s) at our datacentre to provide maximum data availability and protection.
• Online backup of your data regardless of where it resides, the operating system that hosts it or the application that manages it (Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Office, etc.).
• Monthly reporting on IT infrastructure performance.

Three year (36 months) service contract.

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