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ProServeIT SharePoint 2013 Jumpstart

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Allow your client’s workforce to connect and collaborate through audience targeted, interactive communications. Provide a single point of access for all of their teams, departments, partners and customers over their own corporate Internet, Intranet and Extranet.

SharePoint portal. Replace your client’s siloed infrastructure using SharePoint’s collaboration capabilities including wikis, blogs, discussion boards, and personal messaging. These are just some of the immediate benefits of using a fully configured SharePoint Portal.

However, an improperly implemented SharePoint portal can quickly tie up your IT department, diverting vital IT resources away from your core business leading to reduced end-user productivity. ProServeIT’s Professional Services team will help you avoid common deployment pitfalls by navigating your company through the complex and sometimes overwhelming process of implementing a SharePoint portal. Using best practices, within as little as 10 Days, our SharePoint experts will deliver to you, a fully configured, custom.

SharePoint portal branded with your company’s logo and colours.

SharePoint Server 2013 Implementation milestones include:
• Installation and configuration of production Microsoft Office SharePoint Server farm.
• Active directory configuration/updates.
• Portal administration and training.
• Search and index configuration.
• Configuration of backup and restore.
• Database management.
• Corporate branding of portal.
• Documents and records management.
• Security setup.
• Portal review and acceptance.
• Content author, administrator and end-user training.

Ensure End-user Adoption:
ProServeIT provides your clients with tailored SharePoint training to ensure that their custom SharePoint portal is adopted by their end-users.

Underutilized features and lack of awareness of features leads to end-users not knowing how to quickly tap into needed information and expertise causing a lower end-user adoption rate.

SharePoint training provided includes personalized on-site training for administrators, planners, designers, and content authors.  Recorded video reference training sessions for power-users and end-users are also included in our SharePoint Server 2013 Jumpstart.

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