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ProServeIT SharePoint Healthcheck

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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 helps you and your team work better, faster, and smarter. Connect with your colleagues in new and creative ways and easily find the right business information—regardless of who created it, what format it’s in, or where it lives.

To realize the maximum potential of what SharePoint can do for your business, you need a thorough understanding of how your business goals and operations can be fully mapped to SharePoint’s capabilities.

ProServeIT can help you achieve that business to SharePoint link by performing a SharePoint Healthcheck that analyzes your business processes and maps them to SharePoint’s capabilities. The result is a full understanding of how SharePoint can be leveraged to its maximum extent and increase your operational efficiency, maximize uptime and reduce costs.

• Learn how to leverage Dynamics CRM to improve your company’s knowledge management.
• Determine methods to implement SharePoint best practices that align with your company’s business goals and requirements.
• Ensure that your SharePoint implementation is operating in an efficient and safe manner.
• Maximize your staff efficiency and productivity allowing them to find the information they need quickly and effectively to better serve your customers.

Target Organizations:
Small to medium corporations that wish to determine if their Microsoft SharePoint solution is operating in an efficient manner and meets the goals and requirements of the business. Corporations may also wish to find ways to better leverage SharePoint to deliver an increased level of service to their customers
and an improved level of staff efficiency.

• An assessment of your SharePoint solution and identification of any risks, issues and opportunities.
• A check of how well your SharePoint system is performing technically and recommendations for improvements in functionality and/or usage.
• A comprehensive SharePoint Roadmap document is provided, prioritized on the actions that are recommended as “Must Do”, “Should Do” and “Could Do”.

Varies according to the size of the company and its business goals and requirements.

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