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Collaboration Solutions

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SharePoint solutions, meeting real business needs and providing a high return on investment

Our SharePoint solutions are not purely technology-centred, but focus first and foremost on the specific business of each client. As a result, our corporate clients receive excellent value and can be certain that the solution deployed will evolve, keeping pace with their changing needs.
Victrix’s SharePoint specialists make a point of designing results-oriented solutions, ensuring clients that their investment will result in higher performance. We support you in all stages of the project from start to finish: vision and planning, analysis, implementation, governance, training, user coaching and post-deployment support. You do not have to undertake several steps with a range of different suppliers. Victrix takes you through the process from start to finish, bringing a strong dose of business intelligence along with each of its interventions. In this way, throughout the process, you receive the high quality services that are the cornerstone of our reputation in the industry. In the end, we give you the keys to reliable solutions that will support efficiency over the long term.

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