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Adaptive Technical Inc.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN | View Map & Address

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Phone: (604) 357-3456
Fax: +1 (800) 829-8194

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Business IT Solution Provider

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Adaptive Technical Inc. is a Managed Network Service Provider based in Vancouver, B.C. We have been serving Greater Vancouver since 2006. We're a Cloud Accelerated Microsoft Partner that has helped hundreds of clients migrate their services to the Cloud. We can show your organization the benefits of using Cloud Exchange, Lync and Sharepoint.

At Adaptive, our clients have grown to rely upon our honest advice. We pride ourselves on presenting clients with only what they need to achieve their technology goals, while expanding their understanding and efficiency with the systems they have in place.

We’re dedicated to understanding client problems and we'll go to great lengths to make sure we deliver solutions that fit your organization. We react quickly. We explain the problem in terms you understand. We coach you on avoiding similar problems in the
future.  We keep network management simple and overall, we keep your total cost of ownership down.

We've found that eliminating most "break-fix" support and replacing it with preventative maintenance pays off in terms of gained efficiency and limited down time. For those times when "break-fix" is required, we offer a multitude of remote desktop support
options that will often allow us to resolve problems and offer IT support from wherever we happen to be.

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