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Infront Consulting Group

Consulting Services: Remotely Managed & Outsourced IT Services for Small Business

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Infront Consulting Group's Managed Services division provides outsourced IT administration to companies with between 10 and 75 computer users. Our outsourced IT services model provides a small and growing organization with a fixed cost for annual IT services and pricing for project based work throughout the year. Infront assumes a strategic and tactical role in the implementation and delivery of managed IT services. We can also assume more responsibility and assist with licensing, hardware and software planning depending on the needs of the customer. Flexibility is the key to our offering. In a period of economic budget tightening, we can help organizations to streamline costs and in periods of growth we can scale out to assist with the alignment of IT as a service to the underlying business.

Infront Consulting Group provides it's customers with a one-stop shop for information technology needs. We can provide everything from hardware and telephony provisioning and support to desktop, notebook and server rollouts. We can implement certificates for user based building access and computer authentication and coordinate physical building security monitoring as well as onsite and offsite disaster recovery planning.

We work with customers using a phased approach. We sit down with the business decision makers to understand their business requirements and propose technical solutions to support those business requirements. We are able to lay out a three year plan that will move a company from a reactive IT administrative model to a proactive model with planned IT purchasing to acheive cost savings in the long run through standardization.

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