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Acrodex Inc.

Custom Application Portals for Varied Vertical Segments

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    Consulting, Professional Service, Web Design
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    Intranets, Extranets, Portals, Project Management, Business Process Management
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    Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites Enterprise, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites Standard, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft... (more)
  • Industry Focus:

    General - Applicable to All, Manufacturing

Acrodex provides for its clients targeted solutions to solve individual challenges. In the process Acrodex
has created a number of solutions that are repeatable and relevant to a wide variety of fields. Our custom applications illustrate not only how precise 
our results can be to particular requirements, but also, the innovation behind the solutions show that these can be shared across a broad range of industries and organizations. 
Our applications offer measurable results, a strong business case and our applications make complex tasks straightforward. We simplify Microsoft technology which encourages universality and our wide breadth of offerings though unique to each client has
reusable fundamentals.

Acrodex specializes in assessing, building and supporting application systems and integration solutions with
secure and scalable architecture.  These projects, in all cases, improve productivity for Microsoft solution-users, and in most cases required Microsoft applications to run.

Using Microsoft application platform and tools, we combined different components required for a post-secondary
institution to align itself with new provincial standards. The result was a web-based system that allowed students to apply to attend the institution through the provincial portal.
 Our team employed our industry standard- based techniques for project management and software development. The resulting solution can help a diverse range of clients integrate with hosted services to realized shared business value. It also demonstrated
our ability to integrate with electronic (e-) government services.

We designed a Managed
Volume Licensing Portal to facilitate the easy use of Student Select Volume discount program among stakeholders in an education community (i.e. students, teachers, parents and employees). We used automation to make it easy to manage, track and deliver industry-leading
software. It takes less administration time and overhead once this system is implemented. Acrodex manages the agreement and the portal, provides access to authorized users, processes orders and ships software media and all of this is recorded and reported
to school administrators. This frees up the educational body to only place the original agreements with Microsoft and publicize the portal internally. Stakeholders can keep up with Microsoft technology while we manage the administration. This results in a
convenience that encourages further use of Microsoft software.

Leading-edge Microsoft
technologies made it possible to overhaul a client information management system at a provincial addictions and mental health organization in Alberta. Here, our solution helped the organization address an inadequate and inefficient system, integrating scattered
but related patient data, and allowing real-time tracking – and pausing – of data entry. These efficiencies are even greater when one considers that every year close to 30,000 clients receive treatment and more than 90,000 people attend prevention activities
or receive information from this organization.

developed professional services automation solution Arcspan under the Microsoft platform and using a Microsoft stack of products to provide role- based access in this business intelligence solution suitable for enterprise workforce management,
expense reporting, project revenue management, resource management and business process integration. Arcspan also provides two-directional interface with Microsoft Project, integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory and OLAP reporting. Scalable to any size
of business, it helps increase corporate efficiency, improve project delivery, and enforces compliance with regulation and back-office financial controls.

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