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Group Calendaring & Appointment Booking

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Integrated directly into the Microsoft Enterprise Messaging Platform, Infusion’s Group Calendaring and Appointment Booking solution enables call centre representatives to quickly and easily connect customers with the appropriate subject matter experts. The appointment-booking process is enhanced as follows:

- Searches that cut across both available date/time as well as matching skillsets in a given branch location
- Provide a unified view of all branch staff in any given location
- Search all sales employees within a specific branch, and display of their skill sets
- Publish advisor profiles/skills/metrics allowing for quick searching and viewing appropriate advisors
- Intuitive web-based forms ensure CSRs can schedule appointments quickly and easily
- Appointments booked appear automatically within a branch sales employee’s Outlook calendar
- Branch/Contact Centre appointments appear within an Outlook calendar as a specific colour
- Appointments can be confirmed immediately, before the customer thinks of calling a competitor

The customer can call the branch and book an appointment with the appropriate representative. The branch or representative can then search for appropriate subject matter experts and view their availability. The employee can search across all locations to schedule an appointment at the branch most convenient for the customer. Managers can also easily see the calendars of the branch sales staff and view reports regarding staff utilization.

The solution provides the ability to better connect and engage with customers, increasing efficiency by booking appointments in a single call. It also provides a reason to ask for email addresses, enabling electronic marketing to your customers.

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