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SharePoint Collaboration

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Our SharePoint Collaboration offering includes User Experience, Taxonomy & Folksonomy Design, Search, Site Templates, and Change Management.

Our User Experience team engages to understand the specific needs of your stakeholders through a series of short interviews, which together define the objectives for the collaboration environment. We develop a set of mock-ups to illustrate how the solution will look, and a set of wireframes to describe key aspects for how it will function.

We develop a taxonomy & folksonomy to help employees consistently find content. Ranging from an intuitive information architecture through to specific content types and metadata elements, together the taxonomy serves as the foundation for classifying and accessing content.

The search component leverages the taxonomy work to develop strategies to make knowledge discovery effective. If you have an Enterprise version of SharePoint, we can look to take advantage of FAST.

We develop a set of site templates that map to the governance framework you want to implement, from communities through to formal project sites. An automatic provisioning process can allow employees to effectively work inside this governance framework without having to understand its specifics.

Our Change Management program helps define adoption, training, and governance. We work with your team to develop training material, adoption strategies, a communication plan, and a governance framework.

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