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ProServeIT Corporation

ProServeIT Active Directory Healthcheck

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Microsoft Active Directory
A well-designed and fully functional Active Directory can provide a tight integration of all your network resources and ensure your users are able to access whatever they need whenever they need it.

Active Directory is a complex system that must be carefully planned and maintained. Without doing so, your network can experience permission issues, degradation or loss of data redundancy, unnecessary network communications traffic, unavailable services and more.

• Ensure that Active Directory is running efficiently and without any issues that might degrade or impair its functionality.
• Receive recommendations for remediation of any Active Directory issues that may be found.
• Determine whether the current Active Directory structure meets your networking needs and, if not, receive recommendations for better aligning the structure to the requirements.

Target Organizations:
Small to medium corporations that wish to determine if their Microsoft Active Directory is functioning at its peak efficiency and does not exhibit any issues that may degrade or impair network performance and/or access. The Healthcheck will also determine if the Active Directory’s current structure meets the needs
of a company’s networking requirements.

• Determination if any service packs or Active Directory hot fixes are required.
• Check if your Active Directory is replicating itself correctly and, if not, determine the cause and provide a remediation process.
• An examination of your network’s DNS status.
• Determination that your Active Directory structure matches your physical network infrastructure and requirements for user control and access.
• A comprehensive Active Directory Roadmap document is provided, prioritized on the actions that are recommended as “Must Do”, “Should Do” and “Could Do”.

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