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ProServeIT Corporation

Exchange 2013 Email Solution

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Exchange is a powerful back-end server that provides central storage and management of your corporate email. Built to deliver the enterprise grade
security and reliability that businesses require, Microsoft Exchange provides email, calendar and contacts on all of your information platforms: desktop, laptop, smartphone and from the Internet via a web browser.

Multi-layered anti-spam filtering with continuous updates helps guard against spam and phishing threats.

Previous Exchange versions can be upgraded to Exchange 2013 in a stable and protected manner ensuring that no information will be lost or compromised.

• A new high availability and disaster recovery solution reduces the cost of delivering email continuity.
• Calendar sharing allows users to share free/busy information with colleagues, even if they work at another location.
• Email archiving, eDiscovery Search, retention policies, and legal hold to help you preserve and discover data, keeping your data in regulatory compliance.

Target Organizations:
Small to large corporations that need a scalable email, calendar and contact system for users to access their information from anywhere across a wide variety of hardware platforms.

• Documented client business requirements and expectations.
• Exchange design diagram, implementation roadmap, and, if applicable, a plan for migrating email, contact and scheduling information from an existing system to Exchange.
• Installation of Exchange Server and optional configuration of Outlook clients, smartphone access and Internet access.
• Half-day administrative knowledge transfer.
• As-built and best practices documentation.

Approximately 1- to 4-weeks planning and implementation.

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