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ProServeIT Corporation

ProServeIT Virtual CIO

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Your clients know their businesses – as least as well as anybody can. But if they’re honest with themselves, they’ll admit there are some blind spots. Is their IT department one of those blind spots? Within executive teams and IT managers, do your clients have somebody they can rely on as a chief information officer? A boardroom presence who understands how to lead IT and leverage the value it creates?

If they say no, they’re not alone.

To deliver the value of a seasoned CIO to companies that don’t have one, ProServeIT created its Virtual CIO service. A virtual CIO brings a qualified CIO to attend your client’s board meetings or strategic planning sessions for several days each year.

A virtual CIO understands formal IT leadership and training has experience in several industries grasps pure business concerns knows where leaders want to take a company creates a holistic view of a company's needs.

ProServeIT experts regularly advise businesses on the steps IT need to take to better support their operations and achieve their objectives. We bring our expertise on Microsoft’s popular business technologies, from Windows 7 and Office to SharePoint and Exchange, and everything in between, to help clients run their businesses more successfully.

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