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ProServeIT Windows Migration/Deployment

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Windows 8 is Microsoft’s current client operating system, incorporating technology improvements developed over nearly two decades of research. Windows 8 features improved manageability, task automation and user interaction. These refinements can reduce your total cost of computer ownership and allow more flexible administrative control of your workstations.

Windows 8 makes the most of powerful 64-bit PCs (the new desktop and laptop standard) and fully supports such key 64-bit applications as Microsoft Office 2013. At the same time, Windows 8 maintains compatibility with the large base of 32-bit applications, making it the ideal business client operating system.

Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise, the business versions of the operating system, seamlessly interact with and support Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Exchange Server 2013, Lync Server 2013 and Active Directory 2012, creating an efficient and secure network environment.

Deployments range from first-time Windows 8 installations, to upgrades from certain previous versions of Windows (such as Windows 7, XP or Vista), to an in-place upgrade (known as Windows Anytime) from one version of Windows 8 to another, including upgrades to the impending Windows 8.1.

• Advanced Windows User Interface compatible with laptops, desktops and tablets with compatibility for the previous Windows Desktop.
• Advanced data protection with BitLocker.
• Enhanced auditing capabilities.
• Optimized support for newer 64-bit applications such as Microsoft Office 2013 64-bit Edition.
• Tight integration into Active Directory 2012 making the best use of such network features as Group Policies, etc.

Target Organizations:
Small to large corporations that are deploying client computers for the first time or those that have client computers running previous versions of Windows (subject to meeting specific hardware and Windows version requirements).

• Windows 8 Deployment Assessment.
• On-Site deployment of Windows 8.
• Half-day knowledge transfer for Windows 8 features and best practices.
• Deployment and best practices documentation.

Variable depending on the number of client computers being installed.

ProServeIT intends to continue to offer this same service for Windows 8.1 following its release by Microsoft in mid-October 2013.

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