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TechCheck: IT Asset Management as a Service

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Softchoice’s ITAM-as-a-Service model combines the following key components:

- Access to specialized tools to simplify the collection of an accurate and comprehensive IT inventory.
- Scheduled consultations with certified ITAM specialists, who provide expert analysis to help organizations identify opportunities to improve asset utilization, eliminate risks, and plan for the future.
- An online repository called Softchoice Axis that provides a central view for IT Asset Management activities. The Axis technology provides detailed reporting, benchmark comparisons to ITAM knowledge bases and a customized document store.

Softchoice’s ITAMaaS is founded on the belief that it is the design of the ITAM process itself that is the most important factor in delivering measurable, long-term business value. Since IT Asset Management is a unique discipline that does not play to the strengths of most IT departments, implementing a proven methodology often uncovers significant opportunities to drive efficiency and reduce costs.

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