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The Navantis Member Relationship Management (MRM) Solution

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All associations face the challenge of constantly proving their value proposition to their current and prospective members.  Carrying out functions from lobbying and networking to fundraising and professional development, Membership associations differ significantly from commercial organizations with relationships that are more diverse than their commercial counterparts; therefore, their approach must support these differences. 

The Navantis Member Relationship Management (MRM) solution is built on the Microsoft xRM platform and goes beyond competitive CRM offerings combining the principles of traditional CRM and the associated information this provides with the relationship
understanding and extensive and rich member profile content available to the association.  It is available as an on premises, or "in the cloud" solution.

The Navantis MRM contains the following modules:
* 360-Degree Member Operations

Provides a 360 degree view of all members, the roles they hold, and all their relationships with the association. In traditional CRM the customer typically has one role, and information is limited to data gathered through sales opportunities or transactions. 
Navantis MRM goes beyond competitive offerings and supports the broad range of stakeholders and multiple simultaneous roles (association member, volunteer, committee member, mentor, reference, etc.), complex relationship structures, and a broad range of services associations deliver.  Other business areas which are addressed include:

* Compliance Event Management Finance Regulatory Administration

* Member Services

Tracks member cases, assigns follow up responsibility and drives operational efficiency to increase member satisfaction levels.  Other functions include:

* Member self-service Task automation Activity recording Surveying Payment Processing Membership fee management Education and certification management

* Member Analytics

Management dashboard with the ability to access a single view of all interactions to get a full view on its membership.  This provides the opportunity for the association to refocus its activities, helping to improve efficiency and strengthen member engagement.

The Navantis MRM has enabled associations to optimize operating efficiency, increase revenue, and provide better service levels, while gaining a deeper insight into its membership allowing it to be more responsive and relevant to its members.

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