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Virtualize.NOW Program from Navantis

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 As part of the program we provide you with an upfront Virtualization Assessment. As part of the process we review your current infrastructure investment and determine good candidates for virtualization. This develops a
Virtualization RoadMap for you.

From there we can talk about priorities of those virtualization candidates. This takes us from RoadMap to Plan through to Execution.

Instead of you trying to figure it all out, we help you build the entire vision. With the Plan we can than package the hardware, the software, the services and the support/training elements all as one price per month.

We can build a scalable, repeatable, reliable environment that blends security and systems management within its core.

If we could reduce 20 Servers down to 3 or 4; think about how much power/energy we'd save. Not to mention how much we woudl simplify the environment.

But the most important piece of our solution is that you get a full Systems Management solution for those servers.

Trading 4 quarters for a loonie has no value (unless you are at the gum ball machine). Our solution delivers the entire suite of System Center as part of our offering. So not only do you reduce the number of moving parts, but you also now add thing such as

1) 24x7 Best Practise Monitoring

2) Change Management

3) Patch Management

4) Asset and Software Management and Metering

5) Comprehensive Backup

What you get is a Microsoft Best Practise network with full System Center management.

Look at what goes UP:

•Leverage entire process power of each server

•Provision servers faster via a consistant image process

•Load Balance and Recovery features

•24x7 Best Practise Monitoring for the entire Server & Hosts

•Change Management for the entire Server & Hosts

•Comprehensive Backup and Recovery

Look at what goes DOWN:


•Reduction in Rack Space

•Reduction in Power Comsumption Usage

•Reduction in Daily 
Management tasks

•Reduction in downtime and resolution management

•Reduced complexity

Virtualization is atop every organizations mind, but it has to be be more than just trading four quarters for a loonie

Call us today to go over our Virtualize.NOW program

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