Getting started

To be listed on Pinpoint, you must belong to the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).


Create an account with MPN.

When you enrol in MPN, you enter content describing your company's expertise (Company Overview), plus company contact and location details.


Opt to be included in Microsoft directories.

Make sure that you have selected "Yes, please list my organisation in Microsoft partner directories" under the "Manage organisation profile" menu in MPN.

Important: This will not automatically publish your profile on Pinpoint. You will still need to sign in to the Pinpoint Dashboard and submit your company overview for approval by the Pinpoint team.


Write a succinct Company Overview.

In 20 to 250 words, include the following:

  • Your company's expertise.
  • Software applications and professional services you want to promote.
  • The benefit or benefits of what you offer.

Tip: Include succinct keywords and phrases to improve readability and search rankings. Read more about keywords.

See a sample Company Overview.