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Lasercharge Ltd Services

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The range of Services Lasercharge Ltd provides, includes: Hardware-Software & Network Support-Maintenance & Installation, Help Desk services, Disaster Recovery, Network Installations, Upgrades, Technical Support, Roll-outs, Training and Consultancy. Services are available on an individual project basis and can also be integrated to provide a complete support solution. Our aim is to complement our client I.T. department, by combining our flexible services with their own resources. Lasercharge aims to establish long term business relationships with customers, based on the quality of our People, Processes & Partners.
Aiming to provide competitive advantage to our customers, we always explore new technologies and operating procedures while constantly investing in our people to deliver customer satisfaction, one customer at a time.Our philosophy is to keep our clients on the edge of technology while minimizing their down-time and helping them stay ahead of the competition in this ever-changing market.With Microsoft technologies,we have access to the resources and support we need to stand out in the marketplace, including a technical services coordinator, access to the Partner Knowledge Base, priority listing in Microsoft directories and other top-level benefits.

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