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Advanced Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics AX

by To-Increase

Companies off ering customer-specific products and services have always faced the challenge of producing better results, while off ering high-quality custom products or services at competitive prices.

Transform these challenges into profitable results with Advanced Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics AX, a powerful, user friendly, sales and product configurator that integrates smoothly with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Advanced Configurator enables manufacturing, distribution, and service companies to enhance flexibility and configure products, services, projects, quotes, and prices.

Many configurator solutions offer limited integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and use proprietary databases that require time-consuming uploads of information. Advanced Configurator offers full integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX and works directly with the ERP system database. Configuration results can be pushed quickly to any area of Microsoft Dynamics AX. And with the Smart Client of the Advanced Configurator, your people can replicate any data from Microsoft Dynamics AX to the offline client. What’s more, quotes, projects, or any other document and transaction that’s configured offline can be synchronized back into the ERP system.

- Simplify complexity with guided selling. Quickly generate quotes for even the most complex products and services. Advanced Configurator offers a guided sales questionnaire that enables any salesperson to create a rich proposal in a matter of minutes.

- Deliver a solution people will want to use. Advanced Configurator offers an intuitive interface that enables people to quickly navigate and search product and pricing portfolios, and provides flexible guidance for building configurations and quotes.

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