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Mikogo is a cross-platform desktop sharing program, available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, which allows the user to share their screen with other people live over the Web. The presenter can host an online meeting to share any document or application on their computer with their meeting participants. Anything the presenter sees on their own screen, the participants will also see their screens. The application is ideal for online meetings, web conferencing, online presentations and remote support sessions.

The software is used by a wide range of industries in over 180 countries with over 1 million registered users. Companies use Mikogo to organize their presentations, meetings and tech support sessions online and hence benefit from significant savings in travel time and money.

Users of the software praise it for containing a wide range of features. However more importantly, users find that Mikogo is a very easy-to-use software program, ideal for anyone regardless of their technical know-how. This makes it extremely easy for people to use Mikogo and invite people to join a desktop sharing session even if they have never used such technology before.

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