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iTechArt News Slider is a simple and efficient tool which allows users to view images from the SharePoint document library in a very quick and convenient way. Implemented as a Sandbox solution iTechArt News Slider can be installed to Microsoft SharePoint online.

To display images in a slide show you simply need to create lists of news, events or small presentations.
With iTechArt News Slider you don’t have to spend time fitting the image but can define size of displayed images. Just cut out the area necessary for the news right in your browser. iTechArt News Slider allows not just to set up a slide show but also read the news by clicking Read more link.

Additionally you can adjust the slide show style choosing transition speed, visual effects, display order (random or ordered). Finally, with iTechArt News Slider the images are displayed automatically and the user can switch between the news through the navigation bar or simply using the mouse wheel.

The web part is indeed useful for property and e-commerce sites. Used as a front end rotators it can represent an animated list of your products and services.

Key features:

• Displaying images from the SharePoint document library
• Interval time setting for images transition
• Ability to describe slide show pictures
• Ability to set the size of the images
• SharePoint Online support
• Cross-browser support

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