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SharePoint Competency and Certification Module

by ELEARNINGFORCE International

Imagine the power of a complete, feature-rich competency and certification framework, tightly integrated with a full-blown learning management system for SharePoint.

This is the new SharePoint Competency and Certification Module (CCM). The new add-on introduces competency management to the full suite of learning management tools provided by SharePoint LMS. Building on the worldwide success of SharePoint LMS, SharePoint CCM provides a comprehensive framework for HR to manage skills for teams and employees. And best of all, everything remains within the familiar SharePoint environment.

Maintain all information about organization’s employees incl. their competencies/skills and certifications from a single location.
Define your organization competency framework and determine employees’ skill gaps and create action plans to fill gaps.
Connect with SharePoint LMS courses and track certification and distributed personal competency levels.
Keep history of all personal information changes and track when required.

Designed for Human Resources
SharePoint Competency & Certification Module (CCM) is designed for HR personnel and enterprise employees. The system provides an efficient way for the data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of the HR.

The system will facilitate users in administration of organizational structure, management of all employee information, analysis and reporting of employee information, and employee performance management.

SharePoint CCM enables full management of the entire certification process and provides auto distribution of personal competencies.

SharePoint CCM is fully integrated with SharePoint LMS, linking competencies and certificates to the appropriate LMS courses.

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