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SharePoint Thumbnail Image Slider Web Part

by iTechArt Group

iTechArt Thumbnail Image Slider is a simple and flexible web part for displaying SharePoint picture library images in any SharePoint site thus making your front end section more extended and enriched. Now the users while working with pictures can view thumbnails - their reduced-size copies.
Quick and easy to set up and manage the Thumbnail Image Slider web part resides cuts and updates pictures automatically. Moreover, the web part users can easily adjust thumbnail width and height, column number and table rows using a handy pop up window.
In comparison to iTechArt Thumbnail View web part, this web part allows users to switch to slideshow by a single click on a thumbnail. Now the Image Slider users can view pictures manually or in the automatic slideshow mode.
An important element in any SharePoint content management portals the web part can be successfully used in advertising for displaying pictures of your products in a nice table form.
Finally, as a cloud-based service iTechArt Thumbnail Image Slider can be embedded to any SharePoint Online websites.

Key features:
• SharePoint picture library support
• Automatically resize cut and update the images
• Automatic slideshow mode
• Manual slideshow mode
• Ability to adjust thumbnail width and height
• Column numbers and table rows adjusting
• Now supported on SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint 2010
• SharePoint Online support

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