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iTechArt Group

Image Library Thumbnail View Web Part

by iTechArt Group

iTechArt Thumbnail View Web Part is intended for displaying image thumbnails for the Share Point document libraries. The solution makes working with pictures in document libraries more visual and convenient.

The widget is simple to use and adjusted in several minutes. The SharePoint web service allows thumbnails to be resized and updated automatically. As a result users can simply choose how a picture is displayed. Additionally you can also adjust the thumbnails’ width and height, column number and table rows using a handy pop-up window.

The main value of Thumbnail View web part is the opportunity to have all pictures from a SharePoint document source shown as image thumbnails in a nice table form. This is helpful in advertisements when creating a SharePoint document with the photos of your office and colleagues.

Moreover, the iTechArt team implemented the Thumbnail View Web Part as a Sandbox solution that allows the component to be used on any SharePoint Online websites.

Key features:
• Ability to adjust thumbnail width and height
• Column number and table rows adjusting
• SharePoint document library support
• Auto- resizing and updating
• Customizable size
• Cross-browser support
• Microsoft SharePoint Foundation support
• Microsoft SharePoint Online

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