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ABBA Leasing

by ABBA D.O.O.

Premium Leasing System ABBA LEASING was developed on the basis of highly efficient banking system NovoDoba. It reduces the need for human labor, accelerates all processes and with a powerful business intelligence that can predict individual events, each financial institution that uses it seems more flexible and better prepared for the challenges of the market.
With all the advantages related to safety, structure, clarity and organization of ABBA banking applications from where it originated, ABBA LEASING will impress all its users with unprecedented flexibility, simplicity and speed. This is an application that reduces costs and improves overall operations of leasing companies that use it.

ABBA LEASING thus becomes the application ready for future challenges, both business and organizational and reporting to regulators and individual institutions. The advantages of sophisticated banking background of ABBA Leasing are enormous.

The system has all the advanced technology that our company uses in its products so it enables quality monitoring for objects of leasing, with integrated document management system, document scanning and monitoring of a full lifetime of the leasing request from the issue of the offer to the final repayment, refunds or sales of the object.

High level of automation of daily processes facilitate not only the work and savings in time, but performance and reliability of the previously defined business processes and ease of later control.

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