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Messageware Incorporated

CalendarPack for Outlook Web App (OWA) 2010

by Messageware Incorporated

Providing important functionality to the calendaring capability in Outlook Web App.

CalendarPack provides users with the ability to manage delegate rights from within OWA. Users can set permission levels with CalendarPack to allow others to view, edit or manage calendars on their behalf. CalendarPack also provides the ability to import calendar events for national, religious holidays and important company dates. Additional functionality includes a powerful advanced calendar search for any previous or upcoming appointments or meetings based on a wider range of search criteria.

CalendarPack provides critical functionality to OWA Light users. With Messageware CalendarPack, OWA Light users will receive Calendar Reminders, notifying them of upcoming appointments and meeting requests. They will also be presented with the option to view their calendar in different layouts, similar to OWA Premium functionality. And users have the option to Open, Dismiss or Snooze from the reminder window with a single click.

CalendarPack is available for Exchange 2010. For users of Exchange 2003 and 2007 please see CalendarShare.

Messageware is the world's leading provider of security and productivity software and custom development services for Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web App/Access (OWA). We have over 2500 customers and 5 million users worldwide from the Fortune 50 to SMB organizations in every industry.

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