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iTechArt Group

SharePoint Audit Web Part

by iTechArt Group

iTechArt Audit Web Part is a SharePoint 2010 component enables users to flexibly manage SharePoint Audit reports. With iTechArt Audit Web Part you can track activity on documents, folders, sites and other SharePoint objects.
The simple-to-use component provides users with functionality such as viewing SharePoint Audit reports, navigating to audit report items from the web part, sorting audit reports result, grouping results by one or multiple columns, exporting the audit report to the excel file.
Furthermore, you can monitor document activity when a document has been viewed, edited, deleted and checked. iTechArt Audit Web Part also allows users to track what permissions have changed for a document. Finally Audit Web Part users can observe editing content types and columns, searching site content as well as editing users and permissions.

Key features:
• Ability to manage SharePoint Audit reports
• Ability to track activity on documents
• SharePoint Foundation 2010 support
• SharePoint Server 2010 support

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