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Since 2005 the 51Degrees.mobi team have been creating mobile sites and providing consultancy services.

51Degrees.mobi was founded in April 2009 when we released an open source version of an ASP.NET module to detect mobile devices and redirect initial requests from these devices to a mobile friendly home page optimised for the small screen. This project, now titled 51Degrees.mobi Foundation, is freely available on Codeplex.

The Foundation is being continually updated to support new mobile devices and features requested by developers. Our goal is to maintain a fully open source server-side mobile device detection and redirection solution for Microsoft technologies.

During 2010 and 2011 we extended the underlying components of our services so that others can easily integrate them into their web sites. This product is called 51Degrees.mobi .NET Mobile Framework and is available for download and purchase on this web site.

Mobile Device Data:

Identify mobile web traffic using a comprehensive set of device and browser specific properties

51Degrees.mobi device data contains information about thousands of different mobiles, tablets, games consoles and many more. By using our device data, a web developer can automatically redirect users to a device type specific web site. For example; a tablet or mobile micro site.

- Improve your customer experience by customising your mobile web site to suit every individual visitor

- Validate a user's device type before offering downloadable content or attempting to interact

- Maximum performance and availability with locally stored and automatically updated data. No cloud service involved

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