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Active Directory (AD) Managed Service

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Itergy ‘s niche Active Directory managed service (ADMS) is based upon pre-defined service levels, making it a scalable, predictable solution for the management of Active Directory on a national or global level.

Benefits of an Itergy managed AD infrastructure include:

- better agility to merge, divest, grow & evolve
- a well-managed , monitored and proactively maintained AD environment
- Disaster Recovery Planning to ensure minimal outage impact
- infrastructure planning to optimize your number of servers and licenses
- secure access for the right people when, where and how they need it
- reduced risk of application failure and security breach
- better accountability and transparency
- improved reporting and management for compliance and governance
- an application ready platform
- increased operational efficiencies
and more.

A managed service built upon pre-defined service levels, demonstrates a guaranteed level of commitment to clients in the way of measurable units (KPIs, SLAs, ITIL, etc.). This sets the Itergy ADMS apart. Our customized intervention methods are based upon ITIL and industry best practices developed by the UK’s Office of Government Commerce and the Microsoft Operations Framework.

Itergy currently manages client domain controllers in 65 countries on 6 continents on behalf of our clients. Our largest client has been with us since 2003 and recently renewed their contract with Itergy for another 3 years with a 2 year option. After benchmarking this service, they were reassured that Itergy's ADMS was the best possible option.

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