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Infinite Solutions

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Dynamics AX Development and Consulting; .NET Development

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Value Proposition:
Infinite Solutions is experienced in outsourcing software development, deployment of large IT Systems including ERP Solutions and System Integration which places the company in the position to deliver best of bread products and solutions to its customers without high costs of doing business. In the past Infinite was part of ICL/Fujitsu Services UK. Today Infinite offers fully-fledged services with highly experienced Microsoft Dynamics AX, .Net, CRM and SharePoint experts in the areas of: project management and governance by Sure Step and agile methodologies; installation and configuration of Dynamics AX; consulting services; functional and technical architecture of AX systems; design tailored by customer needs; development services; upgrade/migration of AX 2009 to 2012.

Field of interest:
Infinite Solutions is interested in providing outsourcing services and finding collaboration partners that need to outsource software development and professional services, services for software design, system architecture, development, and implementation. More specifically, Infinite is interested in outsourcing Dynamics AX resources, since it has a team of highly professional AX developers and consultants available. Infinite Solutions has previos experience in outsourcing - working for companies from UK, Island, Estonia.

Infinite Solutions has completed many projects, including the whole implementation cycle (starting from analysis; design and configuration; development, quality assurance and testing; data migration; deployment – transition, training; deployment and configuration of the infrastructure environment; and on-going support and maintenance). Infinite Solutions has implemented the largest Dynamics AX project in the Defence sector in 2010 sponsored by US Army/Gov, with specially developed add-ons for interoperability with NATO logistics systems and codification procedures and additional Records Level Security required by the Defence sector. Besides this, Infinite Solutions has strong experience in providing variety of outsourcing IT services for UK based financial services companies.

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