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3EX.NET eCommerce - a white-label ready webstore platform for online retailers

by Exact Abacus Limited

3EX.NET eCommerce is the fourth-generation retail platform to be developed by Exact Abacus and the first built entirely on Microsoft technologies. Through design and development, the package requirement has been to create an application that makes no distinction between the back office operations of a retailer and the front-end webstore. The majority of retailers in our target market have not been able to take full advantage of selling on the web because, fundamentally, they are running disparate databases and applications which increases operational costs and negatively impacts on the customer experience. In the 3EX.NET environment, the webstore is a core part of the entire business software system. It enables non-technical users to deploy webstores and affords customers full real-time visibility of self-service information such as: sales orders, quotes, stock availability, accounts, wish lists and rich product content. Application components include: Core platform – the engine that drives the webstore, shopping basket and checkout. Content Manager – WYSIWYG interface used to create and maintain non-transactional content. SEO Console - used to maintain site markup and searchable assets. Hierarchy Builder – used to create and amend site taxonomy and search across multiple websites. Card Payment Processing - webstore integrate with 3EX.NET EFT Secure Card Payment Gateway. Marketplace – enables syndication of your site content with external trading partners including: Amazon, Play and eBay. 3EX.NET eCommerce adopts Cascading Style Sheets or ‘CSS’ methodology to control the presentation and logic of a webstore. It has been specifically designed to give web marketers 'Total Sovereignty' over their webstores, with control over design, content, structure and functionality. To achieve this, 3EX.NET powered websites are built on three ‘layers': Presentation Layer – controls the appearance of the site including fonts, buttons and colours. Content Layer – controls all the content, including the metadata necessary for search engine optimisation. Rules Layer – controls functionality and structure of the site in addition to back office integration. The use of presentation layers enables websites running 3EX.NET technology to be easily cloned to create distinct sites that look and even operate differently, but are still served from a single database. This 'White labelling' concept offers many opportunities in the marketplace. All website data is centrally stored and man

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