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Green 4 Solutions Ltd

Green 4’s approach to ticketing is to use the latest technology available to provide venues with CRM focused, online, data driven ticketing solutions that streamline their ticketing purchasing process, capture customer information straight into the CRM database and improve communication without hiding behind a premium pricing structure that penalises venues and customers with an online transaction charge.

For many years we have been evangelists of the use of CRM technology as a platform for building relationships with customers. Using the inherent flexible Microsoft CRM platform and building a truly customer centric experience through our on-line purchasing process, Green 4 have been able to create a CRM driven ticketing solution that can be tailored to suit the specific ticketing or event booking process for any type of sports fixture, event or other scheduled activity which can be available online, at point of sale, in a call centre or through a kiosk.

Not only does this remove the need for complex integration between different systems, but having powerful CRM and eCommunications features means that profiles of customers are constantly enriched with all their interactions with the business and messages can be highly targeted and relevant to each individual and delivered using the eCommunication tool. These may be in the form of automated order acknowledgements, pre-event checklists and travel information which provides a perfect upsell opportunity. Post event a survey, thank you’s and highly targeted follow up offers can all be an automated part of the booking process.

The customer enjoys an enhanced ticketing purchasing experience. They can now choose the channel through which they purchase tickets, even from their iPhone they can visually pick from available seats, change their booking easily at any part of the online process, add additional items to the same shopping baskets, such as clothing or merchandise and automatically receive electronic transaction confirmations as soon as they have completed their purchase.

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