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4sight Securities Finance

by 4sight Financial Software Ltd

4sight Securities Finance is a leading edge modular system developed for the expanding global market of Securities Finance. It provides front-to-back office functionality for all types of participants – from the smallest direct lender through to the global custodian, broker or intermediary. Many of these participants share the same requirements: 24 hour-continuous operation, inter-desk trading, a ‘global book’, real time value dated position keeping and a multi-company, multi-site environment.

A modern, Windows based system, 4sight Securities Finance consists of Securities Lending and Repo Modules which support the full trading lifecycle, from booking a trade through credit and legal approval, collateral management, generating settlement instructions, monitoring exposure and reporting. It provides the ability to borrow, lend and repo securities as a principal or agent and to maintain an up-to-date status of portfolio holdings and their availability by client and fund.

This future-proofed modular design enables seamless integration of new functionality, allowing clients to extend the capabilities of the system in line with their expanding business requirements. Extensive configuration options further facilitate customization of the system to meet individual business requirements.

4sight Securities Finance is configured through business rules to meet an organisation’s specific requirements achieving a high degree of system and operational flexibility, placing the system evolution in the hands of the user. 4sight’s considerable investment in its securities finance solution, combined with our technical and industry expertise, results in our ability to meet today’s tight implementation timeframes.

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