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ALFI (Analytics for Financial Institutions)

by Whistlebrook Limited

ALFI gives retail banks, building societies, investment banks and other financial institutions a central, interactive solution for collating and analysing vital management information.

Integrated view of critical data:

ALFI pulls all of your critical data from disparate IT systems into a central data warehouse to give you a single, integrated view. You can use this data to automate reporting processes, carry out detailed analysis and monitoring and provide an immediate graphical view of the information you need.

Customisable business intelligence platform:

ALFI is built on Microsoft’s business intelligence platform, so you can use Excel to access your data. It integrates easily with your existing systems and, because it is built using industry standard database technologies, you can customise and extend it to fit your exact requirements. ALFI will interface with your electronic regulatory reporting system so that you can provide instant updates on your liquidity status.

Choose the modules you need:

Once you have the central data warehouse element of ALFI you can add additional modules as and when you need them. Each of the four modules has its own set of pre-built queries, data cubes, reports and dashboards.

You can use ALFI for:

- Financial Reporting
- Financial Planning
- Regulatory Reporting
- Liquidity Modelling

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