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Boldon James

AMHS Messaging Suite

by Boldon James

Boldon James has developed an Air Traffic Services Message Handling (AMHS) suite of products built on top of Microsoft Exchange that provides a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) approach that is cost effective, future proof and vendor independent for the Aviation industry.

Business Issue the Solution Addresses

A COTS approach reducing costs and implementation times and the architecture has been tried, tested and proven within military messaging environments (both environments enjoy many synergies).
A single vendor for all AMHS requirements including Messaging server, AFTN/AMHS gateway, Thick / thin email clients and OSI transport stacks.
The 'look and feel' of the most commonly used messaging client, Microsoft Outlook, significantly enhances the user experience.
Value of the Solution to Customers

Leverages Exchange Groupware Features - calendar, notes, tasks, public folders, address books and complimentary Security, Reliability and Simple Administration.
Full SARPS compliant X.400 Aeronautical Message handling system that utilises a More modern technology with COTS available expertise.
Supportability and Performance of the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Boldon James are a Microsoft GOLD certified partner. We specialise in message handling systems tailored to meet the formal requirements of the global Defence, Homeland, Aviation and Government sectors.

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