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Is your IT team snowed under, inexperienced with building robust data solutions or need some help on getting the data side of business intelligence right?

Has reverse engineering business intelligence based on user functionality left you with a tangled data structure that is easier to rewrite than tweak?

Are you an ISV that has tens or hundreds of modified local installations and now need to mass ship a new release with hand-crafting every site?

That’s where we can help...

Academy Software Products provide Data Solutions such as Data Warehouses, Marts or Cubes ready to be analysed by any end user visualisation tool in the Microsoft world.

It creates or wraps native T-SQL, SSIS and SSAS in a manageable, portable and intuitive mouse-click interface to typically reduce development times by 60% to 70%.

Included in the offering are in-situ data quality, manual data capture and schema2cube generation. Slowly changing dimensions and time management literally take a few clicks.

The offering includes the capability to transport entire data warehouse applications and structures across the cloud to other locations.

Additionally all schema have inheritance so distributors of software such as ISVs can develop centrally, provide local enhancements at hundreds of sites and then mass ship the application core for instant use - this can protect large user communities from changes in source dates or accelerate dissemination of new features.

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