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AlfaPeople Multi Mail Selector

by AlfaPeople

​Finally, there is a way to efficiently send emails to one or more email addresses from the same entity.

AlfaPeople have designed the Multi Mail Selector custom workflow activity to provide functionality to uniquely address any, or all, of the email addresses on an Entity. Functionality that is not available with standard Dynamics CRM workflow.

Standard functionality of CRM allows the user to store three email addresses on a record, but the default solution only allows users to email the record not a specific email address. For example if there is a value in email1 it is this address that is always used whether email2 or email3 contain data or not. The Multi Mail Selector allows the user to email with or without using a template to all three, or a specific address, at the same time.

Multi Mail Selector has been successfully implemented and is a valuable solution for any business. It is a powerful tool, providing a reliable unique solution.

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