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AppSense Application Manager

by AppSense Holding

AppSense Application Manager is able to utilize information about the user’s context in order to determine the level of entitlement necessary. Parameters such as location, firewall settings and even time of day can be used to establish a necessary level of entitlement.

AppSense Application Manager is endorsed by Microsoft to enforce software licenses by controlling application usage on a per device basis. Passive mode enables monitoring, auditing and reporting to detail application access across the user and device base.

By controlling which users or devices have permission to run named applications, limits can be placed on the number of application instances, which devices or users can run the application, the timing of when users run a program and for how long. License audits and access restriction based on number of licenses can now be enforced regardless of method of application delivery.

Key features:

- Enterprise Application Policy Management
- End Point Analysis
- Application Network Access Control
- Software Licensing Control
- Passive Mode Monitoring
- Integrated Auditing Events

Key benefits:

- Maintain environment in desired state
- Increased visibility into the application
- Enforce licensing, ensure compliance and reduce costs
- Reduces support calls and associated costs
- User’s remain focused on business applications

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