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C2C Systems

ArchiveOne Enterprise

by C2C Systems
  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Storage and Archive, E-mail Hosting and Management, Compliance
  • Works With

    Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Exchange Server Exchange Server Enterprise 2013, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Microsoft... (more)
  • Industry Focus

    General - Applicable to All

ArchiveOne Enterprise is a comprehensive email archiving and management solution. It provides Exchange Administrators with the tools they need to maximise efficiency and reduce the costs of growing Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 environments, while complying with internal or government policies and enabling eDiscovery.

With a simple and flexible design, its extended management capabilities allow businesses to govern their data. It is designed for the “real world” where email data resides not just in Exchange but also on network file servers and end user systems (as PST files), and where it is not feasible to archive all email data before enforcing retention, expiring or deleting email with no business value, or running searches. The “real world” approach of ArchiveOne Enterprise separates it from the competition because it aligns with the needs of businesses today and tomorrow.

ArchiveOne Enterprise integrates seamlessly with Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA) so that end users can access archived data from within their Outlook or OWA folders. If they have deleted a message, they can still search the archive for it from an integrated web-based search portal. Users can also access archived message from mobile devices, so ArchiveOne really does provide a comprehensive and transparent end user experience.

The majority of customers are installed, configured and ready to archive within a day. In fact, many refer to it as a “set and forget” solution.

• Integrated archiving and compliance platform
• Search, Discovery, Legal Hold and Compliance
• Policy-based mailbox and journal archiving
• Manage and eliminate PST files
• Outlook integration and mobile support
• Ingest PST data to Exchange or email archive
• Supports all current versions of Exchange and Outlook
• Supports Office 365 and Exchange Online
• Scales to thousands of mailboxes

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