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AssetStudio - Enterprise Software Asset Management (SAM)

by Certero

Whatever your current position Certero AssetStudio has the solution to accommodate any of today’s challenges. From Software Asset Management (SAM) and Software Licence Optimisation (SLO) to advanced IT Asset Management (ITAM), AssetStudio enables a buy what you need when you need it approach to allow organisations to develop their solution at their own pace and at an affordable price.

AssetStudio gives you visibility and control of your software investments to avoid wasted spend, for multiple vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle etc. and across multiple platforms - Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac etc. and including the management of Virtualised environments and device based licensing (Citrix/Terminal Services).

Key Features:

- Modular by design – AssetStudio is suitable for SME’s to large blue chip organisations, regardless of current investments. Each AssetStudio module is developed with today’s technology and can work as a standalone solution or with existing 3rd party tools

- Multiple Platforms, multiple vendors, single SAM solution (including SLO and ITAM).

- Business Intelligence in just a few clicks – With Acquaintia get answers to questions in seconds and take action to increase efficiencies across your organisation.

- AssetStudio For Oracle automates all of the licensing rules and entitlements to reduce the resources required for managing this complex vendor.

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