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C-PORT - Capacity planning web-based tool for the NHS

by Concentra

The Chemotherapy Planning Online Resourse Tool (C-PORT) is an innovative application for the NHS. It applies advanced modelling techniques to tackle the problem of chemotherapy capacity planning, which has never been done before. The tool also makes use of
leading edge techniques in so-called simulation. This means it can let users forecast how each individual patient will experience care, how long they wait, who they see, and when. It also creates in simulated form real life events that influence treatment
such as equipment breakdowns, phone calls, meetings and absenteeism. The solution is web based to allow users from the 190 cancer treatment units around the UK to access C-PORT without the need for software installation. Concentra was responsible for delivering
the entire project, providing the technical designs and specifications which included usability testing and user interface design at the beginning. Throughout the project Concentra worked closely with partners in order to provide all the technical expertise
to code the application. On an ongoing basis Concentra is supplying support of C-Port and hosting.

Concentra is a Microsoft Gold Certified information technology services company specialising in the delivery of Microsoft-based technology solutions. Our consultants bring unparalleled technology, industry knowledge, and delivery expertise to the table – a
powerful combination that has helped us implement comprehensive solutions that have delivered measurable business value for our many clients. Other healthcare organisations that Concentra works for include the UK Clinical Research Network, National Institute
of Health Research and Huntleigh Healthcare. To receive a copy of the case study or to speak with someone involved in the project please contact us on 020 7099 6910.

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