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Modality Systems has created a unique product that brings together the powerful customer relationship management features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the intuitive software-powered communications and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft OCS and Microsoft Lync.

CRM Enhance extends the standard contact presence menu, enabling "click-to-call" to any contact, from anywhere within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Out of the box, Dynamics CRM will provide a presence indicator for all contacts, but phone numbers are only populated from Active Directory and Outlook. However, your customer’s contact information is stored in your CRM database. To get the phone number for the contact, you have to click the contact, which pops an additional window, from which you can read and manually dial the number.

With Modality Systems' CRM Enhance for Microsoft Lync, we provide a full drop down "Persona Menu" wherever the contacts name is listed in Dynamics CRM with a presence indicator. By pulling the contact information from the Dynamics CRM database, it can be presented in the persona menu, enabling seamless click-to-call, click to email, or click to IM (IM requires OCS or Lync federation). You can also choose to add the CRM contact to your personal Outlook contacts database.

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