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Case Management Framework for Requests for Information

by Deltascheme Limited

The purpose of the Deltascheme RFI solution is to allow the processing of RFIs in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA), Freedom of Information (FOI) Acts and Environmental Information Regulation (EIR).

The solution is built on the Microsoft SharePoint (2010) platform, providing a robust and highly-configurable web-based solution for the central storage and collaboration of documents and information. With Microsoft SQL Server hosting the data and Microsoft Internet Information Services hosting the logic / business intelligence and user experience, the solution provides a solid and proven staging platform.


The Deltascheme RFI solution significantly eases the process of managing and dealing with RFI requests and has the following benefits

Case File Creation. Automatically create a case file with predefined rules applying to it depending on the legislation the enquiry relates to. This ensures the right information is collected at the start of the process and correct time lines are followed.

Managing Costs. Manage the expenses and costs associated with an RFI. Dependant on the type of legislation, different costs may apply to the RFI.

Time-line Management. Automatically manage time-lines dependant on whether the enquiry relates to the DPA, FoI or EIR legislation. This includes managing extensions if it is deemed by the Data Controller to be in the public interest.

Parallel Workflows. Manage parallel workflows if a request requires information from several different departments.

Reporting. Provide reporting on all RFIs across the organisation, detailing what was completed within the allocated timeframe and identifying those that fell outside of it.

Security and control. Automatic creation of roles and security enabling strict control of access and privileges to controlled information.
Help. Have help information available to users.

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Case Management solution for managing Requests for Information (RFI)

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